July 2016 Partner Q&A: TRNDlabs


How did your company get started?

We initially started the TRNDlabs brand making stylish and innovative (bluetooth) audio products such as speakers, headphones and earbuds with a minimalistic and clean design. However, we quickly noticed that there aren't drones made with that approach. We decided to take a stab on that with the SKEYE Nano Drone, it got insanely popular right after we pitched it to media.

It seems we unlocked a new market segment for drones/gadgets.

Tell us about your company mission.

As brand we are challenging ourselves, raising the bar on a daily base. We are always trying to create an even better experience by evolving the ordinary into something unexpected through experimenting with alternative designs and applications.

TRND Labs is known for its hip drones. What’s the craziest use for one of your drones you’ve seen? Catching Pokémon! https://www.trndlabs.com/featured_item/pokedrone/

Tell us about your Coal Organic Earbuds featured in Craftly!

Coal Earbuds featured in Craftly: Our Coal Organic earbuds are a new addition to our product line. With our Coal Organic earbuds we want to combine comfort, premium and durable materials with elegant and beautiful design. And off course, we made the cable flat so that it won’t tangle when the earbuds are in your bag or pocket. We’ve managed to combine all those aspects including great sound quality in our new COAL Organic earbuds.

Why Craftly loves TRNDlabs:

We love how accessible and trendy TRNDlabs makes their products and that includes the Coal Organic Earbuds! This is something we’re never heard of before and loved the idea of the organic coal, multiple features and simple design. Also, we’re always in need of new earbuds!

Company Website: trndlabs.com
Based in:  Netherlands/Hong Kong
Social links: twitter/IG @trndlabs, Facebook /TRNDlabs