August 2016 Partner Q&A: Das Boom Industries


How did your company get started?

It began with my other company Level Naturals, a vegan, gluten-free, unisex product line. It has a primarily female demographic, and I wanted to work on a line that was primarily for men. Frankly, men need the most help with their skin.

I wanted to do something with scent that told you a story and took you someplace. I also wanted something that was memorable, with notes you could call out, not just an unidentifiable scent with an intense name. With those scents I wanted a product that was also awesome for your skin and super versatile. So, about three years ago, I started working on this line of really interesting scents that I thought would really attract people to the men wearing those blends.

Tell us about your company mission:

We’re traveling men. We like to explore, get dirty, see the world. We don’t want to spend tons of time grooming, but we still need good stuff to get clean, soft, and smelling right.

Das Boom is all about hard working formulas that make your hair, toes, and everything in between look and feel good whether you’re on the road or hanging at home. We know lotion isn’t rocket science, but we take it seriously. Each of our products is made consciously in downtown Los Angeles using only the finest all-natural, gluten-free, and environmentally friendly ingredients. We wear a Leaping Bunny certification stamp with pride—because real men take care of animals and the planet.

Smelling good matters too. Our scents pay homage to everywhere we’ve been: the piney resin that covered our hands after a long hike in Alaska, our first taste of shiso leaf in Japan, the smell of Dad’s pipe when he taught us how to change a tire on the streets of Motor City. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or an urban adventurer, we want you to feel transported when you slather on our stuff.

What's the inspiration behind the different locations your products are named after?

Travel! I have spent so much of my life with a backpack and a passport. When I work on a new scent, I think back to moments that meant something to me. My first barber shave, my first bite of real incredible sushi in Japan, hiking through the forest and burning tree branches and smelling the sap on my hands. Those moments are what i go back to when I build scents. 

Why Craftly loves Das Boom:

Craftly is proud to support fellow LA local Das Boom! We love their commitment to natural and environmentally friendly products. West Indies Soap takes us on a tropical, Caribbean getaway perfect for the heat of Summer!

To learn more about Das Boom, you can find them here:

Company Website:
Based in:  DTLA (downtown LA)
Social links: Facebook /DasBoomIndustries, IG + Twitter @dasboomind