November 2016 Partner Q&A: Autumn Bear Herbals

Autumn and Erica are acupuncturists and certified herbalists who run Autumn Bear Herbals, creating hand-crafted blends in small batches. The organic herbs they use are carefully selected to create balanced, flavorful teas. We’re happy and lucky to have received the Prevention Tea in time for this season. What started as a door prize idea blossomed into the idea to make flavorful tea with medicinal benefits. We wanted to know their story along with some health tips!

November 2016 Partner Q&A: P.F. Candle Co

P.F. Candle Co is a beloved candle company based in Los Angeles run by Kirsten and Thomas and their growing team. We got a tour of the company! When you first step inside, all you can do is feel elated by the amazing scents that linger in their office. They have a bar set up where you can smell all the different types of candles and sprays. Their team has doubled in size compared to a year ago. We love the way they value the hand-pour process and how their candles are made-to-order. We featured the Spiced Pumpkin candle on our November box--- reminding us of delicious lattes and pies and the overall autumn season.

October 2016 Partner Q&A: Wintercroft

Being able to feature Wintercroft’s product in our Play Pretend box was something we really wanted to share with our subscribers. Steve Wintercroft and his wife Marianne are the duo behind this eclectic company. We love how these masks can encourage anyone to get creative-- the polygon design by itself already looks so cool. It’s even better that they encourage their customers to reuse and recycle materials! Let’s get to know Wintercroft, the one that can save you on last-minute costumes that don’t look last-minute at all!

September 2016 Partner Q&A: Hi Wildflower

Business for Tanwi, the artisan behind Hi Wildflower, has been blooming. She’s a perfumer and a writer who explores culture, feminism, and fiction. For her, scents are storytellers: “This is what draws me to creating my perfume and body care collections: they are little stories, encapsulating a vibe, a vista, a place or time we wish would linger. A way we want to feel-- joyous, centered, grounded.”