Sept Meet the Maker: Hi Wildflower


Business for Tanwi, the artisan behind Hi Wildflower, has been blooming. She’s a perfumer and a writer who explores culture, feminism, and fiction. For her, scents are storytellers: “This is what draws me to creating my perfume and body care collections: they are little stories, encapsulating a vibe, a vista, a place or time we wish would linger. A way we want to feel-- joyous, centered, grounded.”

In our September box, you received hand-poured, heart-warming scented soy candles. She carefully and ethically sourced botanicals throughout the world. She has a library of essential oils, resins, and raw materials collected over the years, evoking the natural world and human rituals. For her, flowers are intricate in human ritual, such as expressing joy, celebrations, love, and death.

Here’s a peek on what she told us about her perspective and experience with wildflowers.

What is your earliest memory of scents and wildflowers? How did they make you feel during those times?

I've always been drawn to the wildflowers that grew in the many places I grew up. My family moved around a lot, and I've always been an avid traveller. American wildflowers in places I spent time as a child--like Missouri, Alabama, New York--tell us so much about history and native ecology. Being the nerd, I would write little notes and draw my favorite flowers. Scents came a bit later, when I first visited my motherland Bangladesh. The scent of tropical flowers, mud, talcum powder, sweat --I'd never been so aware of my heightened sense of scent. Since that first trip abroad, I think all of the traveling I've done has created an olfactory record in my imagination, and most of my perfumes are very grounded in those experiences.

What's the most unique wildflower you can think of and what makes it so?

They're all so unique - but I think my favorite wildflowers are desert flowers that bloom once a midsummer night like night-blooming cereus. They're rare and have an intoxicating soft, waxy floral scent.

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