Oct Meet the Maker: Unplugged Goods


With all our tech, we've got cords and wires everywhere. We're so glad to partner up with Unplugged Goods for our October box. We love the high-quality, durable twistable laces we featured in our box-- keeps us organized and efficient with our time. Read on to learn about the women responsible for such practical yet playful products! 

Who is behind Unplugged?

Unplugged was founded by Cindy Glass (managing the business side) and Dante Pauwels (managing the product design). There is now a much larger team who handles everything from the shipping, to the bookkeeping, to the manufacturing and quality control, to the sales.

Product Design Manager: Dante Pauwels

Product Design Manager: Dante Pauwels

What is your vision for Unplugged?

We started Unplugged because we saw a hole in the market where tech accessories are concerned. The vast majority of tech accessories look as if they’re made by men, for men. (This does not include cases, which there are oodles of). We want to make products that are modern and well designed that women would want to have accompany their tech accessories, that coordinate with their tech devices, work areas, and homes.

Describe the process of designing the twistable ribbon, which we featured in our October box?

We wanted the “Unlace” to look as much like a real life shoelace as possible. We think there’s something magical about the fact that it looks like a shoelace, but because of the materials it’s made out of (silicon with embedded wire) it can be frozen in three-dimensional space in positions that an ordinary shoelace could never hold. We went through dozens of prototypes to find a wire that’s just firm enough to hold cords, yet soft and pliable enough to be used endlessly without breaking.


You have such extensive, admirable experience in the creative world. What advice would you give for budding creatives and designers?

My advice for starting a business is to be careful to research and test concepts before spending any money. It’s so easy to spend a pile of money on directions that aren’t viable, and depending on what your resources are, this can sink or cripple a company before it starts. Be brutally honest with yourself and be open to the idea that your idea may not be worth pursuing, or may need to evolve in a direction you hadn’t expected in order to be viable. Be extremely careful with how much money you spend in launching your idea— find a way to do more with less, don’t commit dollars until the idea is the best it can be, test your ideas with people who will give you honest feedback-- go beyond friends and family who may think everything you do is the bees knees.

What helps you focus?

We love the advice of the writer Gretchen Rubin who says, “Outer order, inner calm”. For us, this means that if the external things are well organized, it’s much easier to focus and make rational decisions. If systems are set up correctly and run smoothly on their own, you don’t need to spend brainpower worrying about them. We try to keep everything as well organized and systematized as possible, from the way our office is organized to the way we handle new shipments.


To learn more about Unplugged Goods, you can find them here:

Company Website:  unpluggedgoods.com
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Social links: FacebookTwitter, Pinterest