December Box Revealed!


While December brings in that holiday spirit, we believe that winter season is the best way to go wild (kind of like The Revenant but more friendly). Over the holiday break, many of you may retreat to a warm cabin in the mountains or board down fresh powdery snow at sunrise. Our December "Wild" box is packed with products reminiscent of this time of year. You may have noticed, but we tried something different as well. 

Pair of Thieves - The Great Outdoor Socks (Men's) and Sigourney Woven (Women's), $10

We paired you up with either the men's or women's socks. We had to bring back socks for this box, and we found these modern designs by Pair of Thieves. Keep your feet warm as you snowshoe or ice skate or hike in winter wonderland. Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with high performance elements. They wick moisture while being super comfy!


Ritual Chocolate - Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, $8

When you go hiking in the cold (you brave ones), chocolate is always a good idea. The bare sweetness of dark chocolate certainly replenishes your energy, and the salt hypes up its flavor. Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination satisfies your sweet and savory craving simultaneously and stupendously. 


Formulary 55 - Bourbon & Vanilla, $5

Mixing bold and sweet scents together for a balanced combination. Superfatted to be extra moisturizing and skin softening. These petite bars are long lasting and luxurious. The size is perfect for your travel kit. The combined scent brings in a sense of warmth and glow. 


Barnaby Black - Winter Fir Lodge Spray, $30

Made with 100% wild foraged aromatics and created using plants and trees collected in the USA.  "I absolutely love making this.  I'm heading up to Rhode Island tomorrow and will harvest fir and pine for this batch. My favorite part of my job!!" said Mathew Sabatino, founder of Barnaby Black. So much passion is put into gathering ingredients and formulating this lodge spray. If you're not headed to the mountains this winter, spray a bit of this in your place to bring back that nostalgic scent. If you haven't been to the snowy mountains yet, let this spray take you to the mountains from you very own room. 

What were your favorite(s) from this month's box?

Let us know in the comments below :)