Meet the Maker: Electric Family


How did your company get started?

We actually didn’t start out as a clothing company. We were just a group of friends that wanted to do something different within the fashion and dance music scene that wasn’t being done, so we came up with this idea to do a bracelet that stood for a movement. We were inspired by the LIVESTRONG cancer bracelets and also looked into the TOMS shoes concept. In March 2012, we bought our website while still taking time to develop what exactly we wanted to do as a brand and come up with an idea of how we wanted to represent ourselves. In 2013, we became a business and had bracelets for sale. It was really tough getting off the ground – only our friends and family were supporting us.

We have now partnered with over 40 different musicians and given a total of $250,000+ to various charities through our artist collaborations.  We have now expanded into a clothing line and accessory line with plans on investing more time and resources into growing this side of the business.  We look forward to what the future holds for Electric Family!

Tell us about your company mission.

The core mission of Electric Family is to inspire positive action.  Whether it's as simple as posting a thoughtful message to social media or as significant as coordinating thousands of fans to package boxes of food for the homeless, we have made it our priority to give back what has been given to us.

What's it like working closely with artists?

Each artist/musicians we work with picks a charity to donate the proceeds to.  We have partnered with over 40+ different artists so far and given back a total of $250,000+ to various charities.  It's a way to harness their fan base to do support themselves and the charity they choose.

We also do these charity gatherings called "Do Good" events, where we work with an artist and their fans to volunteer at a local charity.  It's our way to work together to inspire positive action.



How do you think Electric Family’s and Craftly’s community is similar?

Inspire positive action and treat others how you would like to be treated.  I think everyone can get behind something like this. Every time you wear your bracelet, it is a quick reminder.

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Based in: Culver City, CA
Social links: Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @electricfamily, Facebook: /ElectricFam