Sept Meet the Maker: Pintrill


How did your company get started?

Founded in the Spring of 2014, PINTRILL is a pin accessory and lifestyle brand based out of Brooklyn, New York. We create pin designs that are inspired  by  popular  culture  icons  and  sayings -- anything ranging from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more.

PINTRILL creates pins through a considered design process, immortalizing pop culture moments with razor-sharp wit. The result: wearable iconography that captures the zeitgeist of our time with a sense of humor and self-awareness.

The  brand  was  born  when  our  co-founder  and  president,  Jordan  Roschwalb  had  an  idea  to create  a  brand  that  offered  unisex  and  one  size  pieces  to  anyone  an  everyone.  Inspired  by  his childhood  and  pin  collection  that  he  had  from  family  trips,  museums,  etc.,  he  wanted  to  bring pins back into popular culture.

We work with a wide range of designers, artists, and brands who share our overarching goal of capturing the language, symbols, and spirit of the current cultural landscape. There’s a pin (at least one) for everyone and there’s never been a better time to wear your emotions, favorite emoji, or pop culture preferences on your sleeve.

In addition to the pins that we have created and designs that we’ve come up with, we have also gathered  a  massive  collection  of  unique  vintage  pins  that  are  sold  in  our  online  shop.  The collection  has  come  from  all  over  the  U.S.,  and  has  been  picked  from various  vintage  and antique  shops,  as  well  as  estate  sales.  We  pride  ourselves  on  creating  items  made from  the highest quality materials.

You've collaborated with many artists such as DJ Mustard and Major Lazer. Any upcoming collaborations?

Yes, we always have new collaborations coming out -- some of our ongoing collaborations include creating pins with artists such as Baron Von Fancy and Naturel. If you follow us on social (@pintrill), you'll always be in the know about what we have coming up!

What is a creative way to wear a pin?

There are so many ways to wear a pin - no right or wrong answers. One of the creative ways to wear a pin, includes our Mini Pins that we released earlier this year. The Mini Pins are really great because they are so small, you can really accessorize with a bunch at a time.

To learn more about Pintrill, you can find them here:

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Based in:  Brooklyn, NY (Our flagship store is in Williamsburg at 231 Grand Street)
Social links: IG, Facebook + Twitter: @pintrill