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Here’s what I like about the Bourbon & Vanilla Soap in our December 2016 box. The scents are complementary; the earthy vanilla with musky bourbon. The bar is small enough to bring with me when I do my short trips out of town. I feel satisfied knowing that this soap is crafted and blended together with good intentions and care.

We worked with Formulary 55 during our Beta, and we wanted to bring them back to you. It’s always a pleasure to see how a company has transformed, even if it’s from the previous year. For us at Craftly, we want to continue supporting the brands we work with.

From the beginning, Formulary 55 started as a luxury small-batch handmade brand and strives to stay true to these values.

“Our philosophy in every aspect of life is to do your best at everything you do, pay life forward and treat others with the respect and honesty we expect in return. It’s a very simply perspective but has far reaching benefits when applied consistently. To this end, At Formulary 55, our goal is to create a fair, safe, healthy and enjoyable work environment for everyone associated with our business.”

Formulary 55 lives on creating high-quality, safe and renewable ingredients. Connecting with their customers and building relationships is a core part of their brand. They are integrous with trust and respect towards their community.

Cordelia has been crafting bath and body products for over a decade, selling her products at a Farmer’s Market in Seattle. After developing different companies, she formed Formulary 55 in 2012. She was a solopreneur until 2014, partnering up with Anthony, who left his job at Microsoft, with sights on growing their market. For the past 2 years, they’ve had steady growth and moved their operations to Pueblo, Colorado in 2014. They are expanding quickly so be sure to keep an eye on Formulary55!

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*Images from Formulary 55's instagram


What lights you up about the bourbon & vanilla soap?


To learn more about Formulary 55, you can find them here:

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Based in: Pueblo, CO
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