Craftly Winter Giveaway!


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We're stoked to host the first Craftly giveaway of the new year! Although the holidays are over, we want to continue giving away goods with excellent quality. We love being able to connect with companies that hone their craft and artistry, and we appreciate that you, as part of our community, enjoys participating and supporting these brands! Below, we explore a bit on what is included in the Craftly Winter Giveaway's beautiful prize package.

1. Two "Crater Lake" Mugs by Mazama (Total: $92.00)

Drink your coffee or tea with this pair of large ceramic mugs by Mazama. It's even big enough to be a bowl. It's a multiuse design! They are sturdy and microwave-friendly. Share the other mug with someone you care about! 

2. Three packs of AgStandard Almonds (Total: $17.49)

AgStandard knows how to satisfy your cravings with these well-seasoned almonds! You'll get 3 different flavors: Classic Salt & Pepper, Ranch Spice, & California Chile Blend. These are tasty yet healthy snacks while working, studying, traveling, or watching a movie with friends. 

3. One Copal Soy Candle + One Copal Room Spray by P.F. Candle Co (Total: $28.00)

Light one up! That is, light this Copal Soy Candle ($18) by P.F. Candle Co. Included in this giveaway bundle is its sibling, Copal Room Spray ($10). This scent is particularly robust and complex, yet surrounding you with relaxing vibes. 




Total Retail Value: $137.49


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