Easygoing Date Ideas


These days, more and more people are celebrating Valentine’s Day with simplicity. It’s not just a day to celebrate couples, but people of all relationship statuses are figuring out how to spend their time on this day. For couples, it may be the classic dinner and movie night. For friends who want to hang out together, they could go to bar and check out what silly cocktail names are being served up. For singles, they can treat themselves to something special.

Every group or individual has their own preferences when it comes to celebrations like Valentine’s Day. For those who want something simple, here are a few date ideas to keep Valentine’s Day easygoing.


  1. Visit your local botanical gardens. It’s like you’re in another country, seeing a diverse species of plants and gardening styles from all over the world. In Los Angeles, we have the Huntington Library’s Botanical Gardens, featuring over 10 gardens, or the Descanso Gardens. It can take a whole day to walk through them. It’s a good date offering fresh air while strolling and being able to look at natural beauty all around.

  2. Take a cooking class together. Learning a new skill together is fun! You may see another side to your partner you haven’t before whether it be their dexterity chopping with a knife or their attentiveness needed in baking.

  3. Stargaze on the outskirts of the city or go to a planetarium. Bring a cozy blanket to share with each other (and maybe a bottle wine!). See how many constellations you can count! It helps to use a star app.



  1. Host a game night or movie night. From playing video games and board games to laughing at the silliest movies, nothing can beat the superloaded fun between friendly competition and reflecting on films together.

  2. Do a casual potluck. Food and good company are always a fantastic mix. Make sure to have bowls of different candy and chocolate set at the table. Valentine’s is known for its sweets, right?
  3. Reserve a karaoke room. and go all out with your singing and dancing. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, hit up your local karaoke bar and let loose in front of a crowd.



  1. Pamper yourself with a trip to a spa. You can get a unique experience at a Korean spa, offering different types of saunas like the clay room or salt room. Some of them can be as low as $25 and you can stay for plenty of hours.

  2. Pick up a hobby that you haven’t done in awhile. Was it knitting? Cooking? Writing? Whatever it is, give it another chance.
  3. Light some candles and read a good book. Keep warm with tea or hot chocolate next to you (don’t forget the marshmallows!).



*Bonus for Angelenos: If you’re in Los Angeles, you can spend some quality time with a furry buddy at a The Dog Cafe or at Crumbs & Whiskers, a cat cafe.


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