Meet the Maker: Wintercroft

Steve Wintercroft and his wife Marianne are the duo behind this eclectic company. We love how these masks can encourage anyone to get creative- the polygon design by itself already looks so cool. It’s even better that they encourage their customers to reuse and recycle materials!

Meet the Maker: Unplugged Goods

With all our tech, we've got cords and wires everywhere. We're so glad to partner up with Unplugged Goods for our October box. We love the high-quality, durable twistable laces we featured in our box-- keeps us organized and efficient with our time. Read on to learn about the women responsible for such practical yet playful products! 

Meet the Maker: Mokuyobi

Julie Pinzur is responsible for creating the uber quirky brand Mokuyobi! In our October box, we featured the patch "It's Always Banana Time!" We love how this product can go anywhere-- our backpacks, our jackets, our hats, etc. It's so playful! Below, you'll discover the creative process of Mokuyobi and get a peek at Julie's character.